Jill Hsu (1978)

Jill Hsu (1978)

Other Name: 徐婕兒 徐潔兒 徐致菁 Hsu Jie Er Xu Jie Er Xu Zhi Jing Hsu Jill

Age: 46

Birthday: October, 30, 1978

Nationality: Taiwan

Height: 165 CM

Xu Zhi Jing, known by the name Jill Hsu, born in Taipei, is a Taiwanese actress and singer. She went to the University of Victoria and can speak Mandarin and English. She first entered showbiz in 2002 with the single "I Wanna be with you" as her debut as a singer. She then debuted as an actress in 2003 in the drama the Taiwan idol drama "Dolphin Bay Lovers" as Shen Manqing.

She has also done many social activities such as going to the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanning Medical University, Guangxi, and visiting children with leukemia with the China Charity Federation.

(Aource: Baidu and DramaWiki)

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