Jeremy Tsui (1985)

Jeremy Tsui (1985)

Other Name: 徐正曦 徐正溪 徐正希 Xu Zheng Xi Chui Ching Hei Izz Tsui Tsui Izz Izz Xu Xu Izz Jeremy Jones Xu Джереми Сюй

Age: 39

Birthday: May, 05, 1985

Nationality: Shanghai, China

Height: 184 CM

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Jeremy Jones Xu (born: Xu Zheng Xi) rose to fame playing romantic supporting character Ji Rufeng in 2011 romance drama Waking Love Up, and had gained widespread recognition for his role as Yuwen Hu in The Legend of Dugu which aired in 2018. Before his success, he suffered from hyperthyroidism but recovered. Another drama in which he was recognized by the audience was Legend of Phoenix (2019), where he played a general and military strategist Wei Guang, alongside actress He Hongshan. In this drama, while filming on the water, he came to save the actress' life. In the war scenes in which he had to wear the armor on the battlefield, he suffered heat stroke five times. In 2020 he acted in the popular drama Novoland Castle in the sky season 2, playing the character Xue Jing Kong, a powerful sorcerer whose life was intertwined with the young winged empress. He learned Cantonese, he also speaks English, as well as Mandarin.

Active Years: 2007 - now

Occupation: actor

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