Jeong Man Shik (1974)

Jeong Man Shik (1974)

Other Name: 정만식 鄭滿植 鄭滿植 Jung Man Shik Jeong Man Sik Jung Man Sik チョン・マンシク جونغ مان سيك

Age: 50

Birthday: December, 11, 1974

Nationality: Mokpo-si, South Korea

Height: 178 CM

Jung Man Shik is a South Korean actor who was born in Mokpo, South Korea, on December 11, 1974. He made his acting debut in the movie “Smells Like the Gun” (2001) and then went on to appear in movie titles such as “She’s on Duty” (2005), “Soo” (2007), “Moby Dick” (2011), and “Rampant” (2018). He has also appeared in TV variety shows such as “Law of the Jungle in Costa Rica” (2014-2015). With a few roles to his name every year, Jung Man Shik has steadily become a recognizable face in the industry for his strong supporting turns from genre and romance films to independent fare. He has been a reliable presence in thrillers such as "Princess Aurora" (2005), "No Mercy for the Rude" (2006), "Paradise Murdered" (2007) and "Rough Cut" (2007).

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