Jeong Joon Yeong (1989)

Jeong Joon Yeong (1989)

Other Name: 정준영 Jung Joon Yeong Jeong Joon Young Jung Joon Young

Age: 35

Birthday: February, 21, 1989

Nationality: South Korea

Height: 183 CM

Jung Joon Young is a South Korean rock singer, songwriter, radio DJ, MC, and well known for finishing in the Top 3 of Mnet’s reality television talent show, "Superstar K4". Born in Indonesia, but raised in China, Japan, Europe (England and France), and the Philippines. Joon Young has lived in ten different countries because his father was an international businessman. Though he had a lonely childhood, he learned to speak five different languages such as English, Mandarin (Chinese), Korean, and some Japanese and Filipino.

After Superstar K4, he has been doing concerts, TV and radio programs (as a guest or a host), and modeling for cars, clothes, games, N-screen, and beer. From May 6, 2013, he worked as a DJ for MBC FM4U "Close Friend" until September 1, 2013, and he also pursues his DJ career by DJ-ing MBC FM "Simsimtapa" from July 7, 2014. He has appeared in several TV shows including KBS2's "Immortal Song-Singing the Legend", "Happy Together", MBC's "Golden Fishery Radio Star" and "We Got Married (Season 4)". He is also a member of KBS's "2 Days & 1 Night Season 3”.

In March 2019, Jung retired from the entertainment industry due to his scandal first revealed in the Burning Sun scandal, admitting that he had "filmed women without their consent and shared it in a chatroom". This was amidst allegations of him having secretly filmed his own sex videos and then shared them with friends. On November 29, 2019, Jung was sentenced to six years in prison for gang-raping drunk unconscious women. Jung was additionally convicted of secretly filming himself having sex with other women and sharing the footage without their consent. On May 12, 2020, Seoul High Court reduced Jung’s sentence from six years to five and halved it after he submitted documents expressing his regret. He is expected to be released from prison in October 2025.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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