Jae Hee (1980)

Jae Hee (1980)

Other Name: 재희 이현균 在喜 李賢均 ジェヒ Jae Hui Lee Hyeon Kyoon Lee Hyeon Gyoon Lee Hyun Kyoon Lee Hyun Gyoon Жэ Хи

Age: 44

Birthday: May, 25, 1980

Nationality: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 178 CM

Jae Hee is a South Korean actor who made his on-screen debut in the Korean drama School. He got his first break as a lead actor in Kim Ki Duk's movie 3-Iron which won awards both locally and internationally and as an effect opened more opportunities for Jae Hee in the entertainment industry.

After an article appeared in Korean ladies magazine Woman Sense that the presumed bachelor actor was leading a secret life, Jae Hee confirmed on October 23, 2012, that he had been married to a non-celebrity woman since 2010, and that he and his wife have a son. He said he didn't reveal his marital status not because he was ashamed or hiding his family (the marriage and his son's birth were officially registered at the borough office), but because he wanted to be "private" and "protect his loved ones".

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