Inohara Yoshihiko (V6 / J-Friends / Twenty Twenty) (1976)

Inohara Yoshihiko (V6 / J-Friends / Twenty Twenty) (1976)

Other Name: 井ノ原快彦 いのはら よしひこ 이노하라 요시히코 井之原快彥 井之原快彦 Yoshihiko Inohara Ёсихико Инохара

Age: 48

Birthday: May, 17, 1976

Nationality: Tokyo, Japan

Height: 175 CM

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Inohara Yoshihiko is a member of V6 and Johnny & Associates. He joined Johnny's Jr. as the age of 12.

He married actress Seto Asaka in 2007. They had a son in 2010 and a daughter in 2013.

On November 1, 2022 it was announced that Inohara Yoshihiko would be CEO of Johnny's Island after Takizawa Hideaki resigned.

Active Years: 1995 - now

Blood Type: A

Spouse: Asaka Seto

Member of:

- V6 (1955-2021)

- 20th Century

Occupation: Actor; Singer;

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