Hwang Jeong Min (1970)

Hwang Jeong Min (1970)

Other Name: 황정민 黃晸玟 黃正民 Hwang Jung Min ファン・ジョンミン هوانج يونج مين

Age: 54

Birthday: September, 01, 1970

Nationality: Mansan, South Gyeongsang, South Korea

Height: 180 CM

Hwang Jung Min is a popular and award-winning South Korean actor. He was born in Masan, South Korea. He was fascinated with movies from an early age. During the 3rd grade of middle school, Jung Min decided to pursue acting after watching the musical "Peter Pan". His mother supported his decision and brought him an application for Keywon High School of Arts. Jung Min was admitted into high school and began his study of acting in earnest. During this time, Jung Min even started a theatrical company with friends, but after only a few people came out to watch their plays that idea was quickly shelved. For college, Jung Min attended the Seoul Institute of the Arts as a theater major. After graduation, he continued to act on stage in various plays.

In 2001, Jung Min landed his first acting role in a feature film after successfully auditioning for the role of Kang Su in "Waikiki Brothers". In that film, Jung Min played a drummer for a fading dancehall/wedding band. He practiced playing the drums for two months prior to working on that film and recorded music for the film. The next year, Jung Min performed in the movie "Road Movie" as a gay, homeless drifter. His performance received the attention of many critics. In 2003, Jung Min landed his break-out role in the sexually charged "A Good Lawyer's Wife". Jung Min played, opposite Moon So Ri, a lawyer involved in an extra-marital affair. and, because of this, causes his wife to look for fulfillment elsewhere. "A Good Lawyer's Wife" did well at the box office while also receiving favorable reviews from critics. Since that time Jung Min has frequently displayed his level of depth as an actor by performing in a wide range of roles.

In 2005, Jung Min married his long-time girlfriend Kim Mi Hye. The couple first met while in high school (Mi Hye was an actress in musicals) and they have since kept their relationship through several decades. The couple also has one son from their marriage. Jung Min's hobbies include playing basketball and musical instruments.

(Source: AsianMediaWiki)

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