Maggie Huang (1990)

Maggie Huang (1990)

Other Name: 黄梦莹 黃夢瑩 Huang Meng Ying Huang Maggie Мэгги Вонг

Age: 34

Birthday: December, 06, 1990

Nationality: Chengdu, China

Height: 168 CM

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Maggie Huang, is a Chinese actress who graduated from the Beijing Film Academy. She rose to fame for her role as Sujin in Eternal Love (2017), and gained increased recognition for her supporting roles in Princess Agents and Lost Love in Times.

Huang Mengying's primary school time was spent in Pengzhou Experimental Primary School , where she received a variety of artistic nurturing and training, and this also laid a good foundation for her future acting career ; the Beijing film Academy undergraduate, she would stand out in school, it is Yang Mi fancy, and the successful signing Ka-line media, began her debut.

In 2012, starred in her first TV series " Midsummer Evening and Sunny Day ", and officially entered the performing arts circle. In 2013, starred in the family emotional drama "Companionship of the Love of My Mother Story 4" In 2014, starred in the martial arts drama " Five Legends of Du Xin " . In 2015, starred in the love idol drama " Love Que " . In 2017, she gained more attention for playing Sujin in the fantasy love drama " San Sheng San Shi Shi Li Tao Hua "; in June, she played Xiao Yu in the legendary romance drama " Chuo Chuan "; in July, in the costume fantasy love drama " drunk exquisite " plays Princess duo Xia; August, starred in the TV series "while we are still young." . December 2, Huang Mengying was "iQIYI scream Night" Person of the Year Award shape . In January 2018, starred in the TV series " Mo Whisperer " ; May starred in the TV series "You Against the Current ".

(Source: Baidu)

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