Hong Seong Woo (1974)

Hong Seong Woo (1974)

Other Name: 홍성우 洪誠佑 Hong Sung Woo

Age: 50

Birthday: March, 23, 1974

Nationality: South Korea

Height: 0 CM

Hong Seong Woo is a South Korean urologist, professor and Youtuber. He graduated with bachelor and master degrees in the College of Medicine at Ulsan University. He trained in Asan Medical Center in Seoul to obtain his specialization in Urology. After becoming a specialist, he served as an assistant professor of medicine at Dankook University, and worked as a specialist for 7 years at Yejak Urology Clinic. He appeared in a Youtube video in 2021 and immediately gained popularity for his quick wit and very direct way of talking about the male genitalia. He opened his own channel but led to a legal conflict with the hospital which ended in his resignation. In early 2022, he opened Dr. JMJ (Jomulju) Urology Clinic and a new Youtube channel where he is contributing to changing the perception of urology by correcting misconceptions about urology and false myths about sexual function.

Weight: 68kg

Blood Type: AB

(Source: Namu Wiki)

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