Harada Ryuji (1970)

Harada Ryuji (1970)

Other Name: 原田龍二 平井雅章 はらだ りゅうじ Ryuji Harada Ryuuji Harada Harada Ryuuji Харада, Рюдзи

Age: 54

Birthday: October, 26, 1970

Nationality: Adachi, Tokyo, Japan

Height: 178 CM

Harada Ryuji is a Japanese actor.

In May 2019 Weekly Bunshun reported that Ryuji had been having affairs with multiple women.

Later the official Twitter account of the Sazae-san stage play announced that he will be dropped from the cast and was replaced by Katsurayama Shingo. The Sazae-san stage play is part of the anime's 50th anniversary celebration and Ryuji was initially slated to play Sazae's husband Masuo.

On May 31,2019 he held a press conference to apologize for his adultery.

Blood Type: A

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