Ha Yeon Joo (1987)

Ha Yeon Joo (1987)

Other Name: 하연주 河戀姝 ハ・ヨンジュ Ха Юн Чжу ها يون جو

Age: 37

Birthday: August, 06, 1987

Nationality: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 172 CM

Zodiac sign: Leo

Ha Yeon Joo is a South Korean actress under the Studio Santa Claus Entertainment. She making her acting debut in 2008 on a sitcom 'Here He Comes'.

In February of 2013, Ha Yun Joo was granted admission into Mensa International, an organization that only accepts individuals whose IQ scores are in the top 2% in the world. Her IQ is reported to be 156. To put that in perspective, her IQ is almost as high as that of Stephen Hawking (IQ 160) and Albert Einstein (IQ 160).

In June 2021, she married her husband, Kim Seo Joon, a CEO of Hashed cryptocurrency investor.

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