Fan Xiao Dong (1992)

Fan Xiao Dong (1992)

Other Name: 范晓东 范曉東 Фань Сяодун

Age: 32

Birthday: June, 26, 1992

Nationality: China

Height: 188 CM

Fan Xiaodong was born in Henan Province. He studied at the College of Art of Ningbo University. His major is digital art. During his time at school, he not only participated in the recording of the Hunan Satellite TV talk show "Every day ", but also participated in campus microfilms. In addition, Fan Xiaodong also served as a flat model and participated in the shooting of many advertising works and fashion photos.

Acting Experience:

In 2015, he starred in the urban emotional drama " My Daughter-in-law is the Queen " starring Huo Siyan, Lei Jiayin, and Cao Zheng. This is his first TV series, which officially entered the entertainment industry; after that, he starred in the mini-network drama " Wan Wan did not expect the third season " starring Bai Ke and Liu Xunzi, playing Zhang Xie in the play, this is him The first network drama works, which was recognized by the audience; in August of the same year, he participated in the film "Who's Youth is Not Confused" starring in the election campaign, and successfully entered the semi-finals; in the same year, starred in Bai Ke, Chen Bolin, Ma Tianyu Starring in the fantasy comedy movie " Don't I Want", in the film, he plays the bright and sunny Fan Bingbing, this is his first film work; at the same time, he also participated in the Tencent video emotional talk show " Love Academy " Recording.

In 2016, he co-starred with Wang Lingyu to star in the love movie " Attack!" Single Dog, playing the leading role in the film Allen; in May of the same year, participated in the recording of LeTV's outdoor sports reality show " Goddess European Cup "; in June of the same year, as a guest to attend the Tencent video development Reality show "Hello! The release of the goddess; in the same year, starred in the youth idol network drama " Zizihuakai 2017 " directed by Shen Wei, in the play as the male lead Yu Ziheng, thus gaining more attention.

Active Years: 2015 - now

Occupation: actor

(Source: Baidu)

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