Eun Ka Eun (1987)

Eun Ka Eun (1987)

Other Name: 은가은 김지은 金志銀 殷嘉恩 Eun Ga Eun Kim Ji Eun Gim Ji Eun

Age: 37

Birthday: August, 26, 1987

Nationality: South Korea

Height: 161 CM

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Kim Ji Eun, known by her stage name Eun Ga Eun, is a South Korean singer. She graduated from Jinyeong High School and later obtained bachelor's degrees in Practical Music from Dongju University and Catholic Kwandong University. Before debuting she won several singing competitions when she was in middle and in high school. In 2007, she entered the MBC show "Survival" and managed to win 1st place out of 600 contestants. At the time, judge Shin Hae Chul noticed her and decided to bring her as a trainee to his company. She spent 3 years training and was selected as the main vocalist of the heavy metal band "Spin". However, Shin's death derailed her career as she had to switch companies and was now asked to become a dance singer. She debuted by releasing a digital single, "Drop It", in 2013 but had very little promotion. One year later, she posted a video of her singing "Let It Go" and it became viral and she was invited to "Star King" where she told her story of spending 8 years as a trainee and not being able to debut. In 2015, she began providing OSTs for series such as "Run, Jang Mi", "Mysterious Personal Shopper", among others. After releasing several singles but remaining a mostly obscure singer for many years, she entered "Miss Trot 2" in 2020 and her vocal skills impressed the judges and she finished in 7th place. That has now opened the door to her being on TV more often and promoting her music in several trot-related shows.

Weight: 48 kg

Blood Type: O

(Source: Korean = Namu Wiki)

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