Duan Bo Wen (1987)

Duan Bo Wen (1987)

Other Name: 段博文 Duan Bou Wen Дуань Бовэнь

Age: 37

Birthday: April, 14, 1987

Nationality: Chengdu, China

Height: 177 CM

Zodiac sign: Aries

Duan Bo Wen is a new generation Chinese actor, born in Chengdu, Sichuan Province on April 14, 1987, an actor in Mainland China, graduated from Beijing Dance Academy. In 2006, starred in his first film "Thirteen Trees of Paulownia", and officially entered the performing arts circle . In 2007, starred in the digital movie "Boys Want to Have a Car" . In 2009, starred in his first drama "When Coffee Meets TV", playing the actor Shi Yue . In 2011, starred in the urban love movie "Gravity" . In 2012, starred in the youth love movie "Youth", in the play as the actor Sambo . In 2014, he played a black man in the youth love film "Left Ear" ; in the same year, he won the "Actor of the Washington Independent Film Festival" Award for Best Actor.In 2015, played the actor Qiu Lin in the musical stage play "Gardenia Neverland" ; in the same year, starred in his first TV series "Left Ear" . In 2016, he was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 17th Chinese Film Media Awards with the suspenseful film "Chaser" . In 2017, he served as a regular guest of Jiangsu Satellite TV's forging variety show "Come on, Brothers" . On April 28, 2018, the national suspense movie "Behind the Scenes" starring was released.

Active Years: 2006 - now

Occupation: actor

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