Chua Sornchai Chatwiriyachai (1980)

Chua Sornchai Chatwiriyachai (1980)

Other Name: ฉั่ว ศรชัย ฉัตรวิริยะชัย Sonny Chatwiriyachai

Age: 44

Birthday: January, 01, 1980

Nationality: Thailand

Height: 0 CM

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Sornchai Chatwiriyachai, nicknamed Chua or Sonny, is an actor who studied performing arts at Chulalongkorn. He's a founder and artistic director of “Malongdu Theatre” or “Theatre of the Oppressed,” a socially engaged theatre company in Bangkok. He's also a writer and translator under the penname Pin Paradigm.

Sornchai's company works with people with disabilities, youth and primary-school students, and the elderly It explores complex issues around oppression, human rights, and social and political challenges.

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