Choi Jeong Won (Female) (1981)

Choi Jeong Won (Female) (1981)

Other Name: 최정원 崔貞媛 Choe Jeong Won Choi Jung Won Choe Jung Won

Age: 43

Birthday: April, 24, 1981

Nationality: Busan, South Korea

Height: 168 CM

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Choi Jung Won is an award-winning Korean actress. In 2001, she appeared as Choi Mi Hee, member of the wedding planner staff in the drama Cool. She obtained her first award in 2006 for her role as Na Mi Chil in the TV drama "Famous Princesses". In 2008, Choi Jung Won won two further KBS awards for the Best Actress in a mini-drama and the Best Couple, together with Song Il Gook. Both awards were granted for Choi Jung Won's performance as Princess Yeon in "The Kingdom of the Winds".

(Source: Spcnet)

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