Maggie Chen (1990)

Maggie Chen (1990)

Other Name: 陈欣予 陳欣予 Chen Xin Yu Chen Maggie Мэгги Чэнь

Age: 34

Birthday: November, 24, 1990

Nationality: China

Height: 168 CM

Chen Xin Yu (English name: Maggie) is a Chinese actress and model managed by Shanghai Yaoke Media. She graduated from Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, Fudan University. Chen was born in Shanghai. In 2010, Chen participated in the "Extreme Talent Search" competition of the Kia X GAMES Asian Extreme Sports Championship and eventually entered the top ten finals. In the same year, she participated in CJ and became a showgirl at Tencent's booth. In 2011, Chen participated in the WCG Showgirl selection of the competitive game "Blood Team" and won the championship, and assisted in the WCG2011 China finals.

In 2014, Chen starred in the Republic of China drama "The Great Master" which was broadcast, and she also entered the film and television industry.

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