Chacha Rita Ramnarong (1992)

Chacha Rita Ramnarong (1992)

Other Name: ชาช่า ริต์ตา รามณรงค์

Age: 32

Birthday: February, 12, 1992

Nationality: Thailand

Height: 0 CM

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Rita Ramnarong, nicknamed Chacha, is a Thai-British actress and singer born in Thailand. She graduated the Faculty of Arts from Bangkok University and, another, at the Faculty of Architecture Chulalongkorn University. Besides, she has a master at the Faculty of Arts from Chulalongkorn University. Rita is cousin of actress Tanyares Ramnarong (Tanya) and she is in a relationship with actor and singer Leo Saussay.

Chacha first appeared in the entertainment industry was the result of shooting an advertisement. In 2001, she released a children's album together with Nicole Theriault, Piem Joy and Ping Piam Rak on the album "Play Time 1 & 2 with Nicole".

Later, she became an RS artist in 2003 and released an album called 'Zig-Zag' comprised of 6 members: Chacha-Arit Taramnarong, Micky-Isry. Thawangthamroj, Toi-Naritip Srisatanawong, May-Napasanan Srisutthisan, Mai-Panita Kruewong and Bonus-Nicha Sangsuwan with the album with the same name as the group says 'Zig Zag (Zig-Zag)'.

In 2009, she released a solo artist under GMM Grammy, an album called 'Chacha'. After that, there were several other separate albums: Love Status, singing 'Don't Love Is It?', Calling Love 2, Singing 'Don't Answer Call ... Crying', Single Chacha Song 'I'll be nearby. Beside you 'later in the year In 2017, Chacha released a single again with an independent agency, 'Not bad enough'

Her first acting work was the drama 'Raung Ngao' acting as Mok, which aired on Channel 3, brought her a certain reputation as an actress. Since then, she has been taking part in some TV dramas. Nowadays, she is a DJ at Atime Media Co., Ltd. Chill 104.5 as a Thai-English bilingual host.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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