Bang Shi Hyeok (1972)

Bang Shi Hyeok (1972)

Other Name: 방시혁 房時爀 Bang Shi Hyuk Bang Si Hyeok Bang Si Hyuk

Age: 52

Birthday: August, 09, 1972

Nationality: South Korea

Height: 0 CM

Bang Si Hyuk is the CEO of Big Hit Entertainment. He is well known for being an innovator in the field of Korean pop music, and deviating from many industry norms. The most famous group he created is BTS. He has worked in many areas of the industry such as composition as well as being an executive producer for many variety shows.

Unfortunately, some of the content produced by Big Hit Entertainment does not provide full credits (such as Run! BTS or TO DO X TOMORROW X TOGETHER), so the full extent of credits for such shows is not well known.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Bang Si Hyuk worked for JYP Entertainment.

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