Avu Barazono (Avu-chan) (1991)

Avu Barazono (Avu-chan) (1991)

Other Name: 薔薇園アヴ アヴちゃん Barazono Avu

Age: 33

Birthday: December, 25, 1991

Nationality: Hyogo, Japan

Height: 0 CM

Avu-chan is a Japanese musician, who debuted as the lead vocalist and songwriter of the band Queen Bee in 2009, and the band Gokumontō Ikka in 2015. As a producer and songwriter, Avu-chan uses the name Avu Barazono, and has written songs for Meg, Rina Satou, Ai Shinozaki, Hey! Say! JUMP and LiSA.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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