Ciize Apichaya Saejung (1999)

Ciize Apichaya Saejung (1999)

Other Name: ไซซี รัตท์ริชา ประภากิติ ไซซี อภิชญา แซ่จัง 张西施 Ciize Rutricha Phapakithi Ciize Ratricha Praphakiti Saisi Aphitchaya Saechang Zhang Xi Shi Сайси Апичая Сэчан

Age: 25

Birthday: September, 23, 1999

Nationality: Thailand

Height: 155 CM

Zodiac sign: Virgo

"Ciize" Rutricha Phapakithi is an actor and singer born in Bangkok. In 2022, Ciize received a bachelor's degree in Chinese for International Trade from the Chinese International College at Bangkok University.

Her nickname, Ciize, comes from the Chinese "Xi Shi" (张西施 ), one of the legendary Four Beauties. Her father chose it to influence her to grow up as beautiful as the Four Beauties. Her younger sister, "Cherry" Phitsinee Saejung (or Cheriie) is a singer under the label Labo.

Since she began in the entertainment industry in 2015, Ciize is a talent under GMMTV. Her official fandom name is MyFanze (มายแฟนซี), a combination of Fancy and Ciize.

Ciize is the main dancer of the T-pop girl group SIZZY (formerly SISSY) formed by GMMTV in 2019 alongside Jan Ployshompoo, Jane Ramida and Aye Sarunchana. The group owns a clothing brand called Madly Dizzy.

On July 6, 2023, Ciize changed her name to Rutricha Phapakithi as someone else shared her exact birth name.

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