Andy On (1977)

Andy On (1977)

Other Name: 安志杰 安志傑 안지걸 An Zhi Jie On Zhi Kit On Andy Энди Он อัน จื้อเจี๋ย

Age: 47

Birthday: May, 11, 1977

Nationality: Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Height: 180 CM

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Andy On is an American actor and martial artist, born in Providence, Rhode Island. He can speak English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

While working as a bar tender in Rhode Island, Andy On was approached by China Star founder Charles Heung and filmmaker Tsui Hark to take over the role of one of Jet Li's film characters, Black Mask, in "Black Mask 2: City of Masks" (2002). Having no experience in martial art, Andy On trained in wushu at the Shaolin Temple and studied film fighting under former Jackie Chan Stunt Team leader Nicky Li.

During his career, Andy On experienced his fair share of injuries, sustaining a hamstring injury on the set of New Police Story (2004) in one of the two fights against Jackie Chan and a cut on his lip that required seven surgeries.

Andy on was nominated and won the Hong Kong Film Award for Best New Actor Award for his role in "Star Runner". Andy On has also won the Best New Artist Award in 2004 at the Hong Kong Film Awards for his role as Tank Wong in "Siu nin a Fu".

Aside from his filmmaking career, On is also a singer. He has released some tracks, including a duet with Jolin Tsai called "Angel of Mine" and others. His hobbies are martial arts and video games. He continues to train in Wing Chun Kung Fu with good friend, actor and martial artist Philip Ng, and has studied Thai boxing under former world kickboxing champion and actor Billy Chau in preparing for Star Runner.

Andy got married to Jessica Cambensy in 2017, who he met on the set of Zombie Fight Club. The couple has a daughter, born in March 2016, and a son, born in June 2018.

Active Years: 2002 - now

Occupation: actor

(Source: Wikipedia)

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