Ando Sakura (1986)

Ando Sakura (1986)

Other Name: 安藤サクラ あんどう さくら 安藤櫻 安藤樱 안도 사쿠라 Andou Sakura Sakura Andou Andoh Sakura Sakura Andoh Sakura Ando Андо, Сакура ซากุระ อันโดะ Σακούρα Άντο

Age: 38

Birthday: February, 18, 1986

Nationality: Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

Height: 162 CM

Sakura Andou is a Japanese actress. She won the award for best supporting actress at the 31st Yokohama Film Festival for Ai no Mukidashi (2008), Kuhio taisa (2009) and Tsumitoka batsutoka (2009).

She is once again appearing with Ai no Mukidashi co-star Mitsushima Hikari on Fuji TVs Soredemo, Ikite Yuku.

She was born on February 18, 1986 in Tokyo. She has a degree in international studies from Gakushuin Women's College.

Ando's parents are actor/director Eiji Okuda and essayist Kazu Ando. Her sister is director Momoko Ando.

She and actor Emoto Tasuku registered their marriage on 14 March 2012, after meeting 4 years prior at the "Akita Jumonji Cinema Film Festival", and dating for 3 years. They have one child born in June 2017.

In 2015, Ando received the CUT ABOVE Award for Outstanding Performance in Film at JAPAN CUTS: Festival of New Japanese Film in New York.

(Source: Tokyohive; JapanSociety)

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