Albee Huang (1989)

Albee Huang (1989)

Other Name: 黃瀞怡 黄瀞怡 Huang Ching Yi Huang Jing Yi Huang Albee Esther Huang Huang Esther Hsiao Hsun

Age: 35

Birthday: February, 27, 1989

Nationality: Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Height: 163 CM

Esther Huang is a Taiwanese actress and singer formerly known as Albee Huang, born in Longtan of Taoyuan County, Taiwan.

In 2005, she gained notice when she participated in the "Blackie's Teenage Club", a TV variety show aimed at giving opportunities to teenage girls to perform and to be selected into a singing group. She was among the first to be selected to form the "Hey Girl" group, which has released song albums and performed at many musical and public events. She has also frequently appeared on TV shows in Taiwan and China.

Huang made her acting debut in an episode of the 2006 TV series "Angel Lover".

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