Rosita Kwok (1997)

Rosita Kwok (1997)

Other Name: 郭柏姸 郭柏妍 Guo Bai Yan Kwok Pak Yin Kwok Rosita

Age: 27

Birthday: October, 05, 1997

Nationality: British Hong Kong

Height: 0 CM

Rosita Kwok is a Hongkongese actress under TVB management.

She attended St. James' Settlement Heep Hong Society Primary School and TWGHs Wu Chung Yim Secondary School. During her school years, she was a member of the school's marching band and won the Silver Award in the 2011 Hong Kong Marching Band Contest and the Gold Award in 2012. After completing secondary school, she pursued studies in Food Safety at the Hong Kong Institute of Higher Education and later completed a master's program in Food Safety Management at the University of Hong Kong.

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