Eugenie Liu (1990)

Eugenie Liu (1990)

Other Name: 劉奕兒 刘奕儿 Liu Si Ting Liu Eugenie

Age: 34

Birthday: November, 12, 1990

Nationality: Taiwan

Height: 0 CM

Liu Si Ting (English name: Eugenie) is a Taiwanese actress managed by Stars Ruizhi. She is the granddaughter of the late veteran artist Gao Ming , it was not until Gao Ming passed away that the relationship between his grandparents and grandchildren was accidentally exposed.

She has always longed for sports and originally planned to be a sports reporter, but to share her family's financial resources, she gave up her dream to become an entertainer. She graduated Journalism Department of Chinese Culture University. Before her debut in 2014, she won the Best Actress award in the MOD micro film creation contest. She has appeared in the 2015 web series “Happy Together”.

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