Zettai Seigi

Zettai Seigi

Other name: 絶対正義 Absolute Justice Justice Monster


Noriko Takanori is 33 years old. Due to some case which she had in the past, she has an absolute sense of justice. She does not allow herself to do wrong or commit crimes. After she got pregnant, Noriko Takanori became a housewife.

Noriko Takanori meets again her 4 friends from high school: Yumiko Nishiyama, Riho Williams, Reika Ishimori and Kazuki Imamura. Her four friends all lead their own separate lives. Due to meeting Noriko Takanori again, their lives begin to change.

Based on novel "Zettai Seigi" by Rikako Akiyoshi.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Crime; Drama; Family; Friendship; Mystery;

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