The Lady in Butcher's House (2022)

The Lady in Butcher's House (2022)

Other name: 玉面桃花总相逢 屠户家的小娘子 玉面桃花總相逢 屠戶家的小娘子 Tu Hu Jia De Xiao Niang Zi Yu Mian Tao Hua Zong Xiang Feng The Lady in Butcher’s House


Xu Qing Jia was orphaned at a young age and became the best in class talent. He marries the Hu family daughter, Hu Jiao. Hu Jiao was born in a butcher's family and did not know how to write or write, but she was cheerful, active and informal, and kept everything in order. Xu Qing Jia devoted himself to serving the people and forge ahead with reforms as a county prime minister. Their story unfolds in the Northern Song Dynasty as they work together in love, marriage, and helping the people from corrupt officials.

Adapted from the novel “The Little Lady of the Butcher's House” (屠户家的小娘子) by Lan Ai Cao (蓝艾草).

Original Network: Mango TV; Hunan TV;

Director: Mao Kun Yu [毛鲲宇]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Comedy; Historical; Novel; Romance;

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