Yourself and Yours (2016)

Yourself and Yours (2016)

Other name: 당신 자신과 당신의 것 Dangsin Jasingwa Dangsinui Geot


Painter Yeong Soo's mother is in her death bed. He hears that his girlfriend Min Jeong got into a fight with a man while drinking. Yeong Soo and his girlfriend argue that night and Min Jeong leaves him telling him they should have some time apart. The next day, Yeong Soo looks for Min Jeong but she's nowhere to be found. In the neighborhood of Yeon Nam where he lives, he sees girls that are Min Jeong or girls that look like her, going around meeting men. Yeong Soo has to fight with himself that's actually fighting with the world and these Min Jeong's are looking for the perfect man that they have never met before. The day Yeong Soo and Min Jeong meet again, they stop fighting and they find it hard to believe.

Director: Hong Sang Soo [홍상수]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Drama; Romance;

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