Your Love Song (2020)

Your Love Song (2020)

Other name: 你的情歌 Твоя любовная песня


That year, everyone bravely chased their dreams and sang in talent shows. Music teacher Yu Jing who has gone to Hualien to mend a broken heart meets a frustrated teacher and a repressed youth and their stories become intertwined through song. As feelings of romance ignite, who will Yu Jing choose?

Yu Jing is trying to heal from the emotional scars of being cheated on by her fiance. She encounters Xing Zhi Yuan, a teacher who has been transferred to a rural school. Xing Zhi Yuan intends to use talent shows as a springboard for his educational career. By chance, he discovers Li Dong Shuo, a student with a natural talent for singing. Li Dong Shuo and his friends come to form the band "July Boys" with Yu Jing invited to coach them in time for the annual singing contest. Both Xing Zhi Yuan and Li Dong Shuo become attracted to the warm and kind Yu Jing. Faced with two completely different emotions, Yu Jing's heart begins to waver.

Director: Andrew Chien [安竹間]

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Betrayal; Drama; Musical; Romance; School;

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