You Fight, and I Love (2023)

You Fight, and I Love (2023)

Other name: พี่ช้าง Phee Chang


Top-class boxer, Chang, is her brother's close friend as well as their next-door neighbor. His brother and Chang are so close that he leaves Noo in Chang's care. Therefore, Chang always acts protectively of Noo, making sure to keep every possible suitor at a great distance. However, he can't stay away from the beautiful girl as well. What will happen when love suddenly mingles with the tough game of boxing and a love bet is made?

The only rule in boxing is to never back down. And now with this girl, he can't back off either.

Original Network: GMM 25;

Director: Noom Attaporn Teemarkorn [อรรถพร ธีมากร]

Country: Thailand

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2023

Genre: Action; Neighbours; Romance;

Airs: Dec 31, 2023

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