You Complete Me (2020)

You Complete Me (2020)

Other name: 小风暴之时间的玫瑰 小风暴 Xiao Feng Bao Zhi Shi Jian De Mei Gui Rose in the Storm Little Storm


Gao Shan is a dangerous lover scheming revenge for the sake of his father. Qin Wo is his girlfriend with high IQ. Was their meeting due to an ulterior motive or an uncontrollable romance? Gao Shan's father went bankrupt during the 1990's after Qin Shengsheng withdrew investment in his company at the most critical moment. Gao Shan becomes determined to clear his father's name but he never expected to fall in love with Qin Shengsheng's daughter Qin Wo. As the two fall in love, Gao Shan faces a dilemma because of his father. Qin Shengsheng learns about Gao Shan's intentions and forces him to resign. Gao Shan leaves for Hong Kong to start over and meets a an important benefactor, earning him the chance to grab his first pot of gold. Gao Shan returns to Beijing as a seasoned investor and crosses paths with Qin Wo who has become a financial headhunter. Bearing burdens of their own, can love help them find their way to each other once more?

Adapted from novel "Little Storm 1.0" by Xiao Moli.

Director: Gary Sing [成志超]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Business; Drama; life; Revenge; Romance;

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