You Are My Lover Friend (2024)

You Are My Lover Friend (2024)

Other name: 舍不得星星 捨不得星星 我拿你当朋友你却 我拿你當兄弟,你卻 我拿你當朋友,你卻 我拿你当朋友,你却 我拿你当兄弟,你却 She Bu De Xing Xing Wo Na Ni Dang Peng You, Ni Que Wo Na Ni Dang Xiong Di, Ni Que You Are My Love Friend


Tang Yang and Jiang Shi Yan were high school classmates and are close friends for ten years. After finishing school, they both passionately pursued careers in bank credit review and new media communication. Tang Yang helped the families of military martyrs start businesses in her small loan job. Jiang Shi Yan, inspired by their perseverance, made a documentary about their stories, which gained widespread attention.

Throughout this journey, the trust and understanding they developed since their teenage years endured various challenges and blossomed into a sincere and beautiful love. They went from being classmates and friends to becoming partners, building a family, and facing life together.

(Source: Chinese = Douban)

Adapted from the web novel "Wo Na Ni Dang Peng You Ni Que" (我拿你当朋友你却) by Hua Zhan Mian (画盏眠).

Duration: 45 min.

Original Network: CCTV; Tencent Video;

Director: Zhang Tong [张彤]

Country: Chinese

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2024

Genre: Novel; Romance; Web Series; Youth;

Airs: Dec 31, 2024

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