Yoru no Agura: Ane to Ototo to Watashi (2022)

Yoru no Agura: Ane to Ototo to Watashi (2022)

Other name: 夜のあぐら ~姉と弟と私~ Yoru no Agura ~Ane to Otouto to Watashi~


Akiko quit being a piano teacher and has been spending her days aimlessly without setting any goals for herself. One night on New Year’s Eve, she and her younger reclusive brother Yukio are summoned by their older sister Haruko to an urgent meeting because their father is dying. Haruko proposes that they join hands and fight against his mistress Midori in order to protect his assets from her. Despite Akiko’s reluctance, she gets dragged into it by Haruko and has to scurry about. However, she gradually comes to know a different side to her two siblings that she had never realised. They eventually end up sneaking into the family home in the middle of the night to steal the safe.

Director: Nojiri Katsumi [野尻克己]

Country: Japanese

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2022

Genre: Drama; Novel;

Airs: Apr 09, 2022

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