Woof & Meow – Do you Love Me? (2022)

Woof & Meow – Do you Love Me? (2022)

Other name: 멍냥멍냥 카밍시그널 멍냥멍냥 Mongnyang Mongnyang Calming Signal Mongnyang Mongnyang Woof and Meow – Do you Love Me?


When it comes to love, Ha Joon is about the farthest thing from an expert that you can get. With almost no dating experience, the closest Ha Joon has ever gotten to having a long-term relationship is the one he has with his dog, Meongoo. Now in his twenties, Ha Joon is starting to feel that raising a dog is great, but it would be nice to have an actual human by his side.

Terrified of going through his entire twenties without a proper relationship, Ha Joon agrees to visit a dating consultation company with some of his college friends. While there, Ha Joon finds himself crossing paths with Do Hee, a pretty young lady who looks exactly like his first love. Incredibly unlucky when it comes to love, Do Hee's only true companion is her cat Anna. Even so, Do Hee refuses to give up on love.

Bonding over their mutual affection for their pets, Ha Joon and Do Hee find themselves drawing even closer, but is that one connection enough to spark love's eternal flame?

Original Network: DRAMAcube;

Country: Korean

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2022

Genre: Animals; Romance;

Airs: Feb 19, 2022

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