Wonderful Time (2021)

Wonderful Time (2021)

Other name: 一念时光 一念時光 Yi Nan Shi Guang One Thought Time


While investigating the whereabouts of his older brother, CEO Gong Ou becomes convinced that Shi Xiao Nian was the woman Gong Yu took a photograph with before his disappearance. Shi Xiao Nian, a manhua artist is utterly confused by this accusation. To prove her innocence, she was pressured and compromise to their new arrangement of living under the same roof.

Just as the two learn to let go of their past to walk towards each other, their love is repeatedly put to the test. The truth behind Gong Yu's disappearance comes to light. There is a power struggle within NE Group and Gong Ou continues to suffer from perennial paranoia. Shi Xiao Nian makes the difficult decision to leave for the time being but looks forward to the day that she and Gong Ou can meet again.

Director: Kenne Yam [任海曜] and Chen Shu Liang [陈淑良]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Cohabitation; Investigation; Mystery; Romance;

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