Women on the Breadfruit Tree (2015)

Women on the Breadfruit Tree (2015)

Other name: 麵包樹上的女人 Mian Bao Shu Shang De Nu Ren The Woman on the Bread Tree Love on the Breadfruit Tree


This is about how three best friends set off to find a bread tree that belongs to them. The 'bread' could be a physical substance, vanity, or could be non-existent. The three met each other at 13 years of age, and their friendship started with a game of volleyball. Together, they encounter the happiness of growing up, the confusion of first love, love and hate, sorrow and pain. The best and worstthing women have done is fall in love with men. Zhu Di Zhi said, if she died, her elegy would be about a girl always meeting and loving bad guys. Shen Guang Hui said, marrying off to Tuen Mun is not reputable enough - you at least have to marry someone living in Happy Valley. Cheng Yun said, someone who makes the other person is sad, is the stronger of the two. Some people say that a woman's biggest happiness is being a silk rose and finding a tree that can support it forever. Others say, a woman's most difficult problem is deciding if they want 'bread', or love.

Original Network: Shenzhen TV;

Director: Chen Ming Zhang [陈铭章]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Drama; Friendship; Romance;

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