Wish to See You Again (2008)

Wish to See You Again (2008)

Other name: 這裡發現愛 这里发现爱 君につづく道 きみにつづくみち Zhe Li Fa Xian Ai Хочу увидеть тебя снова


Xu Le is a bestselling author who has never left home. After being struck with a case of writer's block, he decides to search for inspiration. He moves into his former classmate, Ma Yong Rui's, five-star hotel and begins a job as a taxi driver hoping that by listening to his passengers, he'll find inspiration for his writing. When he meets Pan Neng Xian, a 24-year-old girl working at the hotel, he discovers there's a spark of inspiration every time he touches her hand. They go from enemies to friends once Neng Xian realizes his writing dilemma and decides to help him. As a taxi driver, Xue Le also encounters another former classmate, Ah Hao, who is also a taxi driver and whom he has not seen for years. Lu Yi, the dream girl that they all wanted in the past, is now a fashion magazine editor and becomes entangled in the friend group.

Original Network: CTS;

Director: Lin He Long [林合隆], Hsiu Lan Hu [胡意涓], Hu Yi Juan [胡意涓]

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2008

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Romance;

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