Winds Of September (2008)

Winds Of September (2008)

Other name: 九降風 九降风 九月に降る風 Jiu Jiang Feng Gau Gong Fung Сентябрьские ветры


Seven boys form a tight knit gang lead by Yen. They drink beer, smoke cigarettes and ride motorbikes: behaviour pretty much typical of teenagers. The movie is focused on exploring the nature of their friendships and how they change through time.

Although this is predominantly a film about male relationships, the role played by Xiao Yun (Yen's girlfriend) is interesting. Just as the boys struggle to come to terms with the world and their expectations, Xiao Yun struggles to break free from her relationship with Yen. Tang, Yen's best friend, fancies Xiao Yun but never has the courage to tell her. In the end Xiao Yun shows more courage than Tang in dealing with the relationship. The movie shows the difficulties both men and women face in their gender roles.

Director: Tom Lin [林书宇]

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2008

Genre: Accident; Coma; Drama; Friendship; life; School; Youth;

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