The Windmill Palm Grove (2005)

The Windmill Palm Grove (2005)

Other name: 종려나무 숲 棕櫚樹森林 Windmill Palm Grove Llwyn Palmwydd y Felin Wynt


Kim In Seo is an up-and-coming patent lawyer. He graduated from Yale University and was recently featured in Fortune Magazine. Kim In-Seo accepts an invitation to speak at a University and then takes a long bus ride to give the special lecture on patent law. A lady he met the day before, at an arranged matchmaking date, finds out that he will be riding the bus and decides to take the same bus. When they met at their matchmaking, Kim In Seo’s mother explained to the lady, that something quite profound happened to her son a few years ago, but she is not sure what happened. While taking the evening bus together, Kim In Seo tells the story of that profound experience which involved a lady named Hwa Yeon, the palm grove trees and the unfulfilled promises.

Director: Yoo Sang Wook [유상욱]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2005

Genre: Drama;

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