Wind Blew That Summer (2019)

Wind Blew That Summer (2019)

Other name: 那年夏天有风吹过 那年夏天有風吹過 Na Nian Xia Tian You Feng Chui Guo That Summer A Breeze Blew Past Ветреное лето


A story that spans ten years follows a group of young men and women from their schooldays until the time they enter society as adults.

It begins in the year 2005. Bai Yi Han has gotten accepted to a prominent school. She becomes attracted to school genius Lin Xing Ze and with the help of her close friends, she tries to gain his approval. While they fail in the endeavor, they succeed in getting his attention. At the same time, Yang Tian Ran transfers from abroad and becomes acquainted with Bai Yi Han. Chen Si Yu starts to fall for Zhou Xiao Yu.

In the long and winding road of youth, Bai Yi Han, Lin Xing Ze, and Yang Tian Ran are caught in a love triangle. The addition of Chen Si Yu and Zhou Xiao Yu further complicates the relationship between the group. As time passes and they become adults, destiny brings forth a different ending.

Director: Chu De Jian [初的见]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Comedy; Romance; School; Web Series; Youth;

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