Wimarn Mekkala (2016)

Wimarn Mekkala (2016)

Other name: วิมานเมขลา Wimarn Mekala Wiman Mekkhala Mekkala's Castle Forest of Love


Mekkala was raised to be a spoiled brat by her aunt who resented the fact that her sister and brother-in-law left Mekkala in her care while they worked. After they died, Mekkala was continued to be raised by her aunt in the same spoiled way as always. Mekala got to be a celebrity years later.

Meanwhile, Paya advocated for trees to be planted in the village after his father died in a flood. The forest owner admired Paya's passion and made him the manager of the forest operation. The village needed a teacher so they arranged for a teacher named Prim to teach there. The forest owner passes away and Paya finds out that Mekkala's father is the forest owner's half brother so he writes a letter to get him to come to see the forest. Mekkala is in need of money after her career fails and her endless spending so she decides to go to the forest and sell it to Paya's worst enemy, the man who wants to chop the forest down.

On the way to the forest, Prim is Mekkala's biggest fan and they ride the train together. Mekkala ends up giving Prim a makeover and gives her clothes and Mekkala wears Prim's. Paya is confused seeing them thinking one of them is the other but they settle that immediately. However, they get into an accident and Prim dies. Everyone assumes the person who died was Mekkala due to the fancy clothing and Paya decides to keep quiet and when the real Mekkala loses her memory, he tells her that she's Prim. However, even with memory loss, she is still a brat at heart, and eventually, the people there cause Mekkala to fix herself and she becomes a selfless person.

What will happen when Mekkala regains her memory?

Original Network: Channel 3;

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Childhood; Cold Man; Comedy; Drama; life; Romance; Trauma;

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