Wife Above All (2023)

Wife Above All (2023)

Other name: 娘子在上 Niang Zi Zai Shang The Lady Is on Top


In the capital, Qin Chong Lou, the head of the Qinchao Tang pharmacy, and General Yun Zi Long simultaneously seek the emperor's decree to marry the daughter of the Mo Family Medical Clinic. However, the Mo family has two daughters, the legitimate daughter Mo Jing Yu and the illegitimate daughter Mo Ban Xia.

The emperor decrees that they should draw lots to determine their spouses: whoever they draw will be their marriage partner. Qin Chong Lou suffers from a leg ailment and hears that Mo Jing Yu is skilled in medicine. He hopes she can cure him.

Meanwhile, Yun Zi Long bears a deep grudge from a blood feud. His family was implicated when there were errors in transporting military supplies and medicinal materials. He is the sole survivor, and those medicinal materials were sent by Mo Xiang from the Mo Family Medical Clinic.

Yun Zi Long hears that Mo Xiang favors Mo Ban Xia and wants to use her to obtain evidence of Mo Xiang's involvement in harming the Yun family, seeking revenge for his family. To ensure they marry the right person, Qin Chong Lou manipulates the draw for the lucky bags.

However, fate has its own plans, and the draw goes awry: Qin Chong Llou ends up marrying Mo Ban Xia, while Yun Zi Long becomes the son-in-law of Mo Jing Yu. The two reluctant couples embark on married life, only to discover that they are indeed well-matched...

(Source: iQIYI)

Episodes: 30

Original Network: iQiyi;

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Historical; Web Series;

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