Who Is the Winner II (1992)

Who Is the Winner II (1992)

Other name: 勝者為王II天下無敵 Winner Takes All Who's the Winner: World's Number One


Shek Chi Hong is now the number one "God of Gamblers" in the gambling world. He is a genius in gambling but prefers a quiet life. However, he can’t change his own destiny as long as he hasn’t retired from the gambling world.

Knowing that Hung Fung's gambling skills have improved tremendously over the years, Cheung Tin Jing resorts to inviting Chi Hong to help him. Chi Hong refuses to step into the gambling world again due to the promise to his wife. It is not until Cheung Tin Jing fakes a heart attack that Ah Kong decides to help him finally. There, he meets Cheung Tin Jing's only daughter, Cheung Sik Yu and her childhood friend, Dik San.

However, after his helping in Tin Ding winning over Mun Long, this in turn causes his wife's death. Since then, he becomes disillusioned in life.

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 1992

Genre: Action; Drama; Romance; Supernatural;

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