Where Stars Land

Where Stars Land

Other name: 여우각시별 인천공항 사람들 Incheongonghang Saramdeul Yeowoogakshibyeol Incheon Airport People People of Incheon Airport Fox Bride Star Star of the Foxes


Where Stars Land follows the lives of workers at Incheon Airport, and in particular, the interactions between a clumsy, yet bubbly, woman named Han Yeo Reum and a prickly and mysterious man named Lee Soo Yeon.

Han Yeo Reum is a first year member of the Passenger Services team and is anything but ordinary. She wants to be a perfectionist and get everything right but her very clumsy and reckless nature goes against this dream. She has a good heart and strives to do the right thing even if it means going against the rules.

Lee Soo Yeon is also a first year member of the General Planning department. He is a perfectionist who wants nothing but to be ordinary. He graduated from KAIST and dreamed of becoming a pilot. He seems cold and aloof when in fact he is lonely, but a mysterious secret he hides causes him to distance himself from everyone he interacts with.

When these two polar opposite individuals interact, they start off at the wrong foot. But over time, can a love develop?

Director: Shin Woo Cheol [신우철]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2018

Genre: Cold Man; Comedy; Drama; Gangster; melodrama; Romance;

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