We're Not Trash (2022)

We're Not Trash (2022)

Other name: 우린 쓰레기가 아닙니다 Urin Sseuregiga Anibnida We Are Not Trash Дорама Мы не мусор


"We're Not Trash" is a web drama about a man and a woman who consider themselves trash, experiencing rehabilitation and healing their pain.

Shin Jo Hee grew up without being loved by her mother. She is easily excited about trivial things, sometimes aggressive and spontaneous. People around her worry about her because of her bipolar disorder, but Shin Jo Hee does not intend to treat her disorder and thinks that it was caused by her mother.

Jin Woo Hyuk is suffering from depression. He keeps feeling that he is trash. On the day he is diagnosed with depression, he meets Shin Jo Hee at the hospital and faces an unexpected change in his life.

(Source: Sports.khan.co.kr, ethleia)

Episodes: 8

Director: Kim Tae Wook [김태욱]

Country: Korean

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2022

Genre: Psychological; Romance; Youth;

Airs: Dec 12, 2022

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