We’re Both Grooms (2022)

We’re Both Grooms (2022)

Other name: 僕もアイツも新郎です。 Boku mo Aitsu mo Shinrodesu Both Me and Him are the Grooms Both He and I Are Grooms We're Both Grooms


About the wedding day of Seto Ryosuke, an elementary school teacher, and Aikawa Mizuki, a lemon farmer.

Right before the ceremony, Mizuki finds out that his partner didn't tell his parents, relatives, and friends that he is marrying a man. This discovery starts a series of events the two have to face, like a furious outburst of Ryosuke's father, a big fight between heads of the two families, as well as an appearance of Mizuki's ex-boyfriend.

Original Network: KTV;

Director: Tanaka Koji [田中耕司]

Country: Japanese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2022

Genre: BL; Comedy; Romance;

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