Wedding Picture (2023)

Wedding Picture (2023)

Other name: 결혼사진 Gyeolhonsajin


Rim Sook Hyang and Ri Yeong Ho promised to defect together in North Korea. Sook Hyang defected to North Korea first, and Yeong Ho was caught by the security department while trying to defect a month later. Three years have passed, and Yeong Ho, who succeeded in defecting again in three years, finds her whereabouts. Sook Hyang, who arrived first, misses Yeong Ho and spends every day struggling. By the time she was getting tired of living in South Korea, she meet a man and had no choice but to promise to marry him. Yeong Ho worked as a photographer when he was in North Korea. Even when he came to South Korea, he worked in a wedding studio using his major, but he couldn't adapt to the South Korean style and struggled. With his friend's advice, he did YouTube live broadcasting, and talked about his longing for his hometown. Sook Hyang happened to watch Yeong Ho while watching YouTube. It's a pity. The only thing that Sook Hyang, who was about to get married, can do is hope that Yeong Ho will live happily. He's wearing a white wedding dress and entering the wedding hall with the groom.

Then, the photographer came in...

Country: Korean

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama;

Airs: Dec 31, 2023

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