We Best Love: No.1 For You Special Edition (2021)

We Best Love: No.1 For You Special Edition (2021)

Other name: 永遠的第一名 Special Edition We Best Love: No. 1 For You Special Edition Forever Number One WBL We Best Love: No. 1 For You


It is not a simple thing to like someone, because... many times, we dare not say anything! "If first place is the only way to make you see me, then I will never lose to you before you fall in love with me."

Zhou Shu Yi stared at the class report and saw Gao Shi De’s name above him again. He didn’t understand. He had always ranked second ever since Gao Shi De came into his life. For this reason, he was excited to go to college and parted ways. He hoped to never see Gao Shi De again. In college, he joined the swimming club and was revered by everyone. He was happily enjoying college life until Gao Shi De suddenly appeared at the swimming competition during their senior year. This made him wonder why Gao Shi De always followed him wherever he went. But little did he know that Gao Shi De had eyes for him and would never let him go.

Special Edition with some additional scenes.

Original Network: Tencent Video;

Director: Ray Jiang [姜瑞智]

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: BL; Drama; Romance; School; Youth;

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