Water Boys (2021)

Water Boys (2021)

Other name: 五个扑水的少年 五個撲水的少年 五個撲水的少年中國版 五个扑水的少年中国版 Wu Ge Pu Shui De Shao Nian Five Water Boys Waterboys Водные парни


The story of five high schoolers who joined the swim team by accident find themselves in a situation where they have to complete a synchronized swimming performance.

Zhang Wei has been unexpectedly appointed as the captain of the male synchronized swimming team. When the coach gets into an accident on the first day of training, Zhang Wei not only has to take on the duties of a coach, but he is on the verge of a breakdown upon realizing that none of his teammates have any interest in synchronized swimming. The five boys who were deceived are like ducks driven onto a perch forced to take the leap. Nonetheless, they worked hard and persevered until the end to come up with a very special performance.

Director: Song Hao Lin [宋灏霖]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Comedy; Friendship; life; School; Sports; Youth;

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